[Video] Data-Centric Security

Data is becoming a versatile asset – rather than sitting behind a firewall powering a single application, it is used and reused across multiple contexts, shared via webs of APIs, and duplicated into data silos for analytics. With this compounding increase in potential attack surfaces, it’s time we re-think how and where we secure our data to support the data-centric world enterprises are stepping into.

Brian Platz, Co-founder at Fluree, will provide an overview on data-centric security: the practice of storing and executing data security at the data layer, rather than deferring permission logic to APIs and application servers — effectively allowing data to “defend itself” under a set of enforceable conditions. By storing permission logic as meta-data alongside RDF data at the source, we can securely leverage and share information with a zero risk of API leakage, opening up a world of data management and data analytics possibilities.

Fluree architects can build in write and read permission logic directly into the ledger as data itself, providing an unprecedented yet simplified level of control over information. At scale, this security approach mitigates risk across your data governance, saving time and money in development and maintenance as your data volume grows.

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