Fluree Version 0.15 is now in beta and Fluree Version 0.14 is now stable.

Fluree Developers —today we are excited to announce:

Deprecation Notice

In version 0.15, we are strategically modifying the FlureeQL syntax to better support functionality across FlureeQL, SPARQL and Fluree’s JavaScript libraries. To support you during the transition, both syntax constructs will be supported in v0.15. Additionally, we include a warning when a query contains a deprecated syntax. For example:

The query option prettyPrint should be included in the opts map. Top-level options are being deprecated. Provided: {your map}

Here are the modifications:

FlureeQL Basic Query

Usage of the following key in the Basic Query syntax is migrating from the query map into the opts map. 

  • component

(view in docs)

FlureeQL Analytical Query

Usage of the following keys are migrating from the query map into either the where clause or opts map.

  • union (where)
  • filter (where)
  • optional (where)
  • prettyPrint (opts)

(view in docs)

FlureeQL Block Query

The ‘pretty-print’ key is replaced by ‘prettyPrint’

(view in docs)

FlureeQL History Query

The ‘pretty-print’ key is replaced by ‘prettyPrint’.  Similarly, the ‘show-auth' key is replaced by ‘showAuth' 

(view in docs)

What’s New in 0.15

Server Improvements
  • Changing the ‘fdb-group-log-history’ configuration property now controls the number of historic logs retained on disk. 
  • Handle index under-flow condition caused when cleaning up existing data from a ledger and then attempting to reseed the ledger.
  • Added ability to download a list of snapshots for a ledger.
  • When deleting a ledger, the associated files are also deleted.  However, the directory structures are retained.
  • Full-text updates now uses locking to assure updates are processed in the original order of submission.
Basic Queries – Improvements
  • Provide the sync-to-block option to defer query execution until a ledger is at a specified block.  By default, the execution is delayed for up to 1 minute.  The following options are available to configure the sync-to block query:
    • syncTo n’ , identifies the minimum block number for a ledger before processing the query.  
    • ‘syncTimeout n’, sets the maximum number of milliseconds to wait for the ledger to reach the syncTo block. 
    • Read more: https://docs.flur.ee/docs/query#opts-key
  • The where clause now supports not-equal (i.e., !=).
  • Throws error when attempting to filter on non-indexed predicates. 
  • Throws an error when using a reverse reference on non-indexed predicate.
Analytical Queries – Improvements
  • Analytical queries should not forward substitute when using recur.  At this time the following two patterns are supported for predicate recursion:
[?s predicate+ ?0]
[subject predicate+ ?o]
  • Analytical query supports expand-map and variable selection in the same query
  • Analytical query checks whether or not a predicate is indexed to determine the correct search path.
  • Analytical query throws an error when a predicate does not exist
  • Analytical query supports aggregate functions to be performed on distinct or non-distinct result sets
Block & History Queries – Improvements
  • Block range query with pretty print now includes ‘block’ and ’t’ keys
  • Previously, queries using the ‘prettyPrint’ option failed when processing large record sets.  The prettyPrint option has been refactored to handle larger record sets.
GraphQL – Improvements

Now supports both the _id: and ident: arguments to select an identity.  

Admin UI – Improvements
  • Updated branding and tool-tips. More improvements are in the works.

  • Account view: Provide ability to select snapshots of existing ledgers from a dropdown when creating a new ledger.

  • Explore Ledger: Ability to copy block hash and signature
  • Displays a “Closed API” warning when the Admin UI is set to development mode (open api) and the Fluree server is production (closed): Fluree Server open-api status is 'closed'

  • Explore Ledger: The Predicates view includes attributes such as unique, index and multi-reference.

  • Explore Ledger: After clicking ‘Load More’, view is automatically scrolled to new content. 

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