Fluree Version 0.12.0

Fluree Developers — today we are excited to announce a new set of features and fixes in our Fluree stable version 0.12.0. Get started with this version here.

What is different?

Fully asynchronous

All queries are executed asynchronously, allowing for 100,000+ queries/node per second.

Password-based auth for private key generation

We’ve abstracted the technical steps of generating private/public keys and assigning authorization such that these steps can be managed within common password authentication patterns.

When this feature is used, the API returns a JWT token which can be passed to Fluree with queries/transactions to continue to leverage Fluree’s cryptographic security and traceability without requiring apps and users to manage private keys and cryptographically sign their own transactions.

Database Snapshots

Create snapshots of ledgers, and use these snapshots to create ledger copies across time or across networks. These snapshots can be leveraged with services like Storj for instanced backups of database state.

Delete Ledgers

‘Delete ledgers’ supports the deletion of a ledger from the Fluree instance. Once a ledger is deleted, the data is no longer accessible through Fluree instance. There are a couple of caveats:

  • The ledger name is still ‘known’ to Fluree and cannot be re-used.
  • The files are not automatically removed from the operating system.
Storj Network Integration for Backups

This project provides a connection between FlureeDB and the decentralized cloud storage network, Storj. The functions in this tool allow a FlureeDB snapshot to be streamed to the Storj network. [Github documentation here]

Command Line Interface

The Fluree Command Line Interface (CLI) is a terminal-based tool that allows users to read and verify Fluree ledger files and consensus logs. Without running a Fluree node, this tool allows users to: explore the blocks in a Fluree ledger, see who issued the transactions within a block, verify that the signatures and hashes in a block are valid, view the network state, and more. Read more about the Fluree CLI here.

Improvements in Analytical Queries

Better analytical queries, including fine-grained user control over query path.

UI Improvements

Take a look at our new UI and our brand new docs.

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